Dooger and Rose
  • It’s a Snap

    It’s a Snap

    Not once have we emptied out the bucket of bricks and had an already built creation spill out. Everything that was ever created with Legos has been thought out, designed, and snapped together by human hands.

  • The Road Trip

    The Road Trip

    Growing up 500 miles from both sets of grandparents meant that I was afflicted early and often to excruciatingly long road trips. Every Christmas we would make the pilgrimage to mom’s homeland in the great white North where the adults would eat, drink and be merry while my cousins and I checked each other into…

  • The Santa Letters

    The Santa Letters

    Twenty-Fifteen was the first Christmas that the Mullett household did not have to keep up the Santa charade. Our eleven year old Milca was the last believer of our seven children to lose faith, and despite my good intentions and best efforts, I was the one to let her down.

  • Thor


    Two things that I’ve read about white German shepherds is that they are smart and they are peaceful. The only one I ever knew was Thor, and he was neither smart nor peaceful. In fact, he was just the opposite.

  • The Blizzard of ’78

    The Blizzard of ’78

    The original forecast sounded harmless enough: ”Rain tonight, possibly mixed with snow at times. Windy and cold Thursday with snow flurries.” People who went to bed early missed the bulletins at 9 p.m. Wednesday. They woke up to a howling nightmare. A monster blizzard with hurricane-force winds slammed into Ohio early Jan. 26, 1978, spreading…

  • The Beans

    The Beans

    There at the bottom of the pile was the pot of beans that was already rancid four weeks earlier. Maggots and all manner of malodorous organisms now covered the fuzzy beans. Not only did they reek, but they danced and made noises like a bowl of Rice Crispi’s.

  • Duniskwalguni


    After an hour of climbing, Curley stopped to catch his breath and threaten to throw me off the mountain. We convinced him that the summit was just around the bend. We failed to tell him which bend it was just around and we hiked upward. The next hour brought more aches, pain, sweat, and threats,

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