All the World

All the world God’s heart for all people of all nations second Peter 3:4 says and saying where is the promise of his coming there are people today that are saying why hasn’t Jesus come back we’ve heard it all of our life that he’s coming back why hasn’t he came back ii Peter 3:9 says the lord is not slack concerning his promise as some man counts likeness but he’s long suffering toward just not willing that any should perish but he wants all to come to repentance John 3:16 says for god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life 51 of the U.S.A. church attenders don’t know what the great commission is do you know what the great commission is Matthew 28:16 says then the 11 disciples went away into Galilee into a mountain where Jesus had appointed them and when they saw him they worshiped him but some doubted and Jesus came and spoke spake unto them saying all power is given unto me in heaven and in earth go ye therefore and teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son of the holy spirit teaching them to observe all things whatsoever i have commanded you and lo i am with you always even unto the end of the world that’s the great commission revelation 7:9-10 says after this this is john i beheld and lo a great multitude which no man can number of all nations and kindreds and people and tongues stood before the throne and before the lamb clothing white robes and palms in their hands and they cried with a loud voice stands salvation to our god who set of sabbath upon the throne and into the lamb this first shows us that people from every nation every kindred every people and every tongue every language is going to be before the throne of god they’re going to be saved they’re going to be in white robes and they’re going to be worshipping God and i know this first talks about people that have come up out of great tribulation and they’ve washed their robes white but I don’t want to just wait until this middle tribulation to have people from all nations kindreds and people in tongues saved i want to have a heart for those people right now those people that’s going to stand in heaven of every nation kindred people in tongue i want to pray for them right now and win them for Jesus and they sang a new song saying thou art worthy to take the book and to open the seals thereof for thou was slain and has redeemed usto god by the by thy blood out of every kindred tongue people and nation there it says again that Jesus shed his blood on calvary for every kindred every tongue every people and every nationa nation is a group of people from the same country my kindred are people who are related by blood or marriageand people are the people in the community and tongues are the different languagespeople groups in 2020 according to the joshua project there are 17 424 different people groups in the world around 7 000 of these people groups are unreached people groups they have not been wretched with thegospel of jesus christ according to wycliffe bible translatorsthere are 7 353 known languages in the world there are 698 languages with the whole bibletranslated into their own language thank god we are one of those languages englishhas bibles translated into it but there are 3969 languages that haveno bible even began in their own language now these people can’t most these peoplewill not be able to speak or understand other languages so they need bibles in their own languagewhile the rest of the language have a portion of the bible in their language about 171 million people still need abible in their language there are still about 3 3135 languagesthat don’t even have a written form so we need to pray god send missionaries to these countriesthat can learn the language that can write down the language and that can translatethe bible into that language so they can have a bible that they can read and understand the gospelthe great commandment is matthew 22 36 master what is the great commandment inthe law and jesus said unto him you shall love the lord your god with all your heartall your soul and all your mind this is the first and great commandment and the second is like unto ityou shall love your neighbor as yourself on these two commandments hang all the law and the prophetsluke 10 25 through 37 answers the question well who is my neighbor i’m supposed tolove my neighbors i love myself but who is my neighbor there is a certain lawyer that stood up and temptedjesus saying master what shall i do to inherit eternal life and he said what is written in the lawhow do you read it and the answering said i shall love the lord my god with all my heart with all mysoul with all my strength with all my mind and my neighbor as myself and he says you’ve answered right thatdo and you shall live but he willing to justify himselfand that’s when we get in trouble when we want to justify our actions and justify ourself we cannot justifyourself we can only be justified through jesus and his blood that washes us cleanand the words that he tells us to do in the bible by obeying his commandments justifyingourself does not work with god making excuses why or why we can orcannot do his word does not justify us so he that he willing to justify himself saidunto jesus who is my neighbor and jesus answered and said a certain man went down from jerusalem to jerichoand fell among thieves which stripped him of his raiment and wounded him and departed leaving him half deadand by chance there came down a certain priest a priest is a minister of god that wayand when he saw this man that was laying stripped of his raiment and wounded he passed by on the otherside he just went on the other side didn’t even come to him to see if he was okayjust pass by him and likewise a levite when he was at the place a levite is another minister of godcame and looked on him and he passed by on the other side also they did not want to take their timetheir energy or their money to minister to someone else but there is a certain samaritan asthe samaritans were half jewish people and they were half people mixed withanother nation and he journeyed and came where he wasand when he saw him he had compassion on him the jews and the samaritan people didnot get along but this samaritan when he saw this guy that was woundedhe went had compassion on him and he went to him and bound up his wounds pouring inoil and wine and set him on his own beast and bought him to an end and took care of him and on the morrowhe departed he took out two pens and gave it to the host and said to him to himtake care of this man and whatever you spend more when i come again i will repay youthis guy took his time his energy and his financesto help some that stranger that he did not know that stranger was his neighbornow which of these thinketh thou was the neighbor unto him that fell among the thieves and he said he he that showed mercy onhim then jesus said unto him go and do likewise are we saying we’re ministers of godbut we’re so focused on getting someplace to minister that we’re not ministering on the way tothose that god chose us to minister tomatthew 25 31 says when the son of man shall come in his glory and all his holy angels with him thenshall he set upon the throne of his glory and before him shall be gathered all nations and he shall separate themone from another as a shepherd divides his sheep from the goats and he shall set the sheep on hisright hand that the goats on his left then shall the king say unto them on his right hand comeyou blessed of my father come and inherit the kingdom that i prepared for you from the foundationalworld for i was hungry and you gave me some meat eat i wasthirsty and you gave me a drink i was a stranger and you took me ini was naked naked means without clothes and you clothed me i was sick and youvisited me i was in prison and you came unto me then shall the righteous answer him saying lord when did we see youhungry and feed you or thirsty and give you a drink when did we see you a stranger and took you in or naked and clothed youor when did we see you sicker in prison and come unto you and the king shall answer and say unto themverily i say unto you as much as you’ve done it into the least of one of these my brethren you have done it unto me i was hungryand you fed me when we feed the ones that are really really hungry and let me tell youthose are the ones that society looks down upon is the ones that are really hungry thathave not eaten in a couple days and they need food my prayer lately has been god you see the worldyou know those people that are in the world that are really hungry they’ve not eaten they’re not choosyabout what they can and can’t eat they’re just hungry and if you feed them they’re going to eat itlord show me those that are without drinks those that are living in countries wherethe only water they have to drink is poison water that’s killing them father help me to be able to help me tobe able to dig a well and get water fresh water to these people that willquench their thirst because they’re thirsty and you said if i give them a drink theni’m giving it to you jesus help me to help those that are nakedi’ve been on the streets of columbus ministering for probably about 10 years doing homeless ministry i’ve been in thehomeless camps where i see clothes and blankets and pillows scattered all over the placebut i’ve never once in 10 years seen a naked person running in a homeless campor running down the street in amer in columbus ohio i’ve had foster kids bought into my homeand not one of the foster kids was bought in naked some of them were brought in with boxesand boxes of clothes god i want to see those kids that are naked and i want to give them clothesthose kids in uganda the pre-teenagers and the teenagers that are running around in uganda withshaggy shirts on no underwear and no pants those are the people god that i want you to connect meup with that i can help clothe your children that are truly nakedi was sick jesus says and you visited me i was in prison there are people sittingin prison that have had hard lives being bought up and they made bad choices when they got old enough andthey ended up in prison now they’re in prison having a bad time i do not want them to spend eternity inhell i don’t want them to so we need to pray god let me go visit the ones in prisonlet me tell them the good news of jesus christ let me preach the gospel to them no matter what sin they’ve done yourblood was shed for them that they can be saved saved and make it to heaven lordsend me to the prisons because if i come to the prison and visit those in prison i visited you jesus and as much as we’vedone it into the least of one of these my brethren we’ve done it to jesus that’s jesus’sheart for the world guys the ones that society pushes aside the one the society passes by on the otherside and says i don’t have time to get involved with them sometimes amer people in america says idon’t have time to get involved with people from other countries i don’t have the energy to get involved with the people from other countriesthis is my money that i worked hard for it’s mine and mine only and they become stingy with their moneyand they’re passing by on the other side instead of being the neighbor and giving to those that in need70 of the people in the world do not use toilet paper and this last year in 2020 we had a hardtime in america because we didn’t have toilet paper in the stores but according to the world healthorganization in 2015 2.3 billion people in the world do not even have a toiletwe can thank god for our toilets and we can have compassion on those that don’t have toilets we can thank god for toiletpaper we can have compassion on those that don’t have a bathroom to go to some people are lucky to eat meat oncetoday meat what is that in 2020 we had a shortage of meat in ourstores and we thought we were going to die and people complained about it but 60 the people live in the world thatdon’t even have me they don’t even know what it is 68.5 million people are areunable to live in their homes because of war one in seven people lived in conflicted areaswe’ve experienced a little bit of conflict in 2020 in america but nothing like the people other worldand other places in the world have experienced all their lives that’s all they know it conflictareas there are 50 countries in the world where it’s dangerous to be achristian many people have never had a church to even attendfour in five india people will go their entire life without meeting a christian in 2020 there were times when we aschristians could not meet with one another there are times when we could not go to church but can you imagine what thesepeople are feeling like that cannot go to church they don’t have a church to attend around themthey don’t even have christian people to attend if they become a christian they have nobody to support them in fellowshipwith jesus desires us to go into all the world he desiresus to teach all nations he desires us to baptize in the name of the father the son and the holy spirithe desires his heart for the world is that the hungry people are fed his heart forthe world is that every thirsty person is given a drink of fresh water that’s not poisonous his heart isthat strangers have a place to stay his heart that the naked that there’s no naked people in the worldthat all the nate his children that are naked are clothed his his heart is that the sick and theones in prison are visited and told about his saving and healing gracewhat can we do there’s four things that every one of us can do number one is pray number two is give number three isencourage and number four is go first steps first ask god to lead uswe need to be spiritual led to be effectiveacts 13 2 says and they ministered to the lord and fasted the holy spirit said separate barnabasand saul for the work prayer and two i’ve called them to do as we pray in our secret prayer mediacloset in our secret place with god as we pray at church with other believersthe holy spirit will speak to us and he will tell us what god wants us to doprayer is the number one thing no matter what ministry we have if we are not spending time in this secret place listening to the voice ofour father we are not going to be effective in ministry all ministries start with praying and one of the things we can dois pray for for the nations of the world pray for the people groups of the world pray for the different languagegroups of the world get a map and with all the major countries on it andstart checking off as you pray for the world ask god to show you a nation people group tongue orkindred to pray for mark it off on the map set aside a time to pray for that nationpeople group tongue or kindred pray until you feel the holy spirit releases youspend time fasting for that nation people group tongue or kindred you want god to use you you want god touse you mightily god uses you mightily when you’re in your secret place when you’re in the prayer closetact or matthew chapter 6 talks about being in this secret place and you prayto god in secret and he will reward you openly i cannot be in india at this time i cannot be an afghanistan at this timei cannot be in africa at this time but the holy spirit has knows no bounds and he can go anywhere angelsof god can be dispatched throughout the world to bring healing and hope and deliveranceand revelation talks about the angels going forth and proclaiming the message the gospel message in acts it talksabout how peter was in prison and think about missionaries around the world that’s in prison for the gospel of jesus christand the church prayed for peter and the angel went and released peter from prison we canpray here in our prayer closet in america or wherever we’re at if you’re in the nursing home you canpray for people around the world if you’re in the nursing home you can have the greatest ministry if you’re laying in bedand you can’t get out of bed you can have a great ministry through prayer you can touch the world through prayer because god saidask and you shall receive seek and you shall find knock on the doors shall be open when you ask in prayer believing godwill move on nations people groups tongues and kindreds ask the holy spirit to help youintercede matthew 8 26 and 27 says likely the spirit itself help with our infirmitiesfor we know not what we should pray as we ought but the spirit itself will make intercession for us with groanings whichcannot be entered he maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of god i want to be one that the holy spiritcan intercede through right you want to be one that god can touch the world he can do great thingsthrough you and you don’t even have to leave your home just find that secret place with himand go to prayer for the world first timothy 2 1 says i exhorttherefore that first of all supplications prayers intercessions and giving of thanks be made forall men mankind when it says men it means mankind it did not say for just those inyour neighborhood just those in your family just those in your country just those on yourcontinent it said i want this to be done for all mankind for kings and forall those in authority we need to pray for our president we need to pray for our vice president we need to pray forour congressmen our senators our mayors our governors our policemen we need to pray for them daily but we also need to pray forevery king that’s in authority in this world that we may lead a quiet and peaceful life in all godliness andhonesty for this is good and acceptable in the sight of god our savior when we pray for all people not just ourfor or no more not just our country and no other country but when we pray for all people all of mankind god says that’s good andthat’s acceptable in my sight who will be that all men will be saved his will is thateveryone and every country is saved and to come to the knowledge of the truthsupplications is petitions and earnest requests prayers is the act of asking of favorand particularly with earnestness intercession is a position where we go to god on the behalf of people incountries that do not know god people and countries that are serving satan and have witchcraftabundant in those countries we go to god and we intercede between them and god until god sends help to thosecountries thanks is an expression of attitude gratitudeit’s okay to look up information on that country it’s okay to study that country and find out what they need prayerfor pray when you pray take a journal to prayer with you when you enter yoursecret place it’s very important you have your bible it’s very important that you can god will lead you to scriptures to pray forpeople and write down the informations you’re praying when god gives you a scripture to pray for a countryor a nation or people or a different language write that information down and keepasking god for what he reveals for you to pray in prayerkeep asking don’t faint don’t give up on asking until god gives you the answer pray until you feelthe release you know that god’s heard you you know that the answer has been releasedthere are 235 nations in the world it would take us four years and 27 weeks topray around the world if we pray for one nation political nation every week the bible says we have notbecause we ask not we ask matthew 7 7 says if we ask we will receivematthew 17 20 and luke 1 37 says with god nothing is impossible nothing isimpossible when we pray and we ask god to move on situations nothing is impossiblenothing means nothing but we’ve got to ask we have not because we ask not and we ask we can want to consume it upon our own lust no we’re not asking according to god’s will we’re not lining ourselves up withgod’s agenda to pray about we’re just praying to consume give me give me give meand we’re not having a heart that he has for the world and we’re not seeing miracles and signs and wonders follow us we’re notseeing the impossible happen because we’re limiting to god to give me give me give me it’s all about me and myfor and no more his word does not return void when we pray his word it will go forth and itwill accomplish that which he sends it forth to accomplish his word is powerful when we pray itpray for missionaries pastors and church leaders once more it’s really important to set aside a time to call out to godfor missionaries in prayer it is equally important to allow the holy spirit to show you what to pray forit is okay to be quiet and wait before the holy spirit to speak to you have a pencil ready to write down whathe tells you to write down these are some missionaries that we pray for as a familyhere are some more missionaries prayer prayer lists that i pray for these are missionaries that we’ve eithercome in contact with personally or we know people that know themas far as we know they are legit here’s some more of our prayer list thatwe pray for the second thing after we pray is to give genesis 122 says and i will make you make it be a blessing i will make it be a great nation and iwill bless thee and make thy name great and thou shalt be a blessing god was speaking to abraham here he’slike abraham i’m going to bless you and i’m gonna make you great but i’m gonna bless you because i want you to be a blessing to other peoplegod never blesses us to consume it upon our own lust god never blesses us to be selfish godwants us to have have things but he does not want us to be selfish with the things he gives uswith great blessing comes great responsibility and when we stand before god on judgment day we’regoing to be accountable for how we used our finances deuteronomy 28 12 says the lord shallopen unto thee he is good treasure the heaven to give rain into the land in his seasonand to bless all the work of thine hand and thou shall lend unto many nations and thou shall not borrowall my life i’ve heard about the blessing chapter of deuteronomy 28 god will make us the head and not thetale he’ll make us before and not beneath he’s going to bless us and bless us and bless us that’s all i hear aboutbut i’ve never heard in my life deuteronomy 28 verse 12 quoted that he’ll bless the work of ourhands god wants us to labor he wants us to labor six days and rest the sevenththat’s his job and some people today want to rest seven and labor one day but that’s not god’s plan god’s planis for us to have balance in our life but he wants us to work so that we can be blessed and he said he’ll bless thework of our hands and he said that we can lend to many nations but we will not have to borrowwhen we hearken to god and we line ourself with up with god’s word we do not have to borrow moneygod will bless us and he’ll bless us in abundance that we will have enough left over to give to other people and to othernations proverbs 22 9 says he that have a bountiful eye shall be blessed for he giveth his breadto the poor psalms 41 says blessed is he that considereth the poorthe lord will deliver him in his time of trouble the lord will preserve him and keep himalive and he shall be blessed upon the earth and thou shalt not deliver him over tothe will of his enemies the lord will strengthen him upon his bed of languishing that will make all his bed and sicknesswhen i get through preaching this message i want you to go back and read psalms 41 and meditate upon it if you consider the poor people of theworld who god considers poor not who we in america consider poorbecause who we in america consider poor if we put all the people in the world together and put their incomethere’s a website you can go to and put income your income up on this website and it will tell you what percentage ofthe people in the world that you’re poor there’s a lot of poor people in the world that god considers poorand there’s people that we consider poor that god does not consider poor because he sees everything that they haveso we need to consider the poor that god considers poor and we need to help them and if we do these are the blessingsgod’s going to give us jeremiah 7 5 and 6 says for if you trulyamend your ways and your doings if you truly execute judgment between a man and his neighborif you do not oppress the stranger the fatherless the widow and shed not innocent blood in this placeneither walk after other gods to your hurt and here it talks about a stranger andit means a foreigner leviticus 19 33 and 34 saysif a stranger sojourn among you with you in your land that’s a foreigner if a foreigner comesand lives with you in your land do not vex him this is god’s word this is how god says so we are to treatforeigners that come and live amongst us and i’m surprised at the church peoplethat have ought against foreigners and looked down upon them but god says that listen what god saysbut the stranger that dwelleth with you shall be as unto you as one born amongyou and you shall love him as you love yourself for you are strangers in the land of egypt iam the lord your god god expects us to treat foreigners like they’re one of us born among us heexpects us to love them as we love ourself that’s god’s word and if you don’t like it you’ll have to take it up with godhebrews 13 2 says do not forget to show hospitality to strangers for by doing so some people have shownhospitality to angels without even knowing it the first thing we do is pray the secondthing we do is give you can also get you a nap of the world showing all the major countriesget a nap deuteronomy says to lend or to give to many nations pray about what ministry to give to inwhat country be led by the holy spirit who to give tothere’s a man that god is really blessed financially but he said it’s just as wrong to giveto someone that god says not to give to as it is not to give when god says togive we need to make sure we’re being holy spirit led god has spoken a certain amount to meand me and my family and we’re trying to get the vision to our childrento to touch all the nations of the world with a certain amount of money uh we when we reach that amount we markthat off that country it’s not to brag it’s not to stop giving matter of fact nobody outside our family knows how muchmoney we give to every country and some countries when we get that amount given god will saygo back and say give them give more to that country give more to that ministry god will lead us back to those places uh more than oncesometimes but god has spoken a certain amount for us to give to every country in the world it’s probably not something we’ll beable to to do in our generation but it’s a generational thing that we want our family to doto reach the world with the gospel jesus christ um and i just want to see where we wherewe’ve given to for our sakes and i will look for and learn about new ministries to pray for and to give toit was easy just to give the countries where we knew the ministries were but then we had to start praying a little bitand looking and researching and finding out about more countries that we can give to and that we can pray for inprayer and giving go side by side where does our money go when we as christians in the unitedstates give a dollar in the offering this is what average where it goes to 96.8 percent of everydollar that we spent that we give in the offering goes is spent on chris christians it’s been on our buildingsit’s been on our electricity it’s spent on just things for people in the church christians2.9 cents of every dollar is spent on those who have rejected christ rejected the gospel they’ve hadthe gospel preached them time and time again and they keep rejecting the gospel lessthan one cent of each dollar that we give in the offering is used to help those who havenever ever heard the gospel of jesus christ who are we to give to the bible talksabout giving to the poorest of the poor let’s give to those that have no bible in their language let’s give toto those countries that have no missionaries where they live let’s give to missionaries let’s sendmissionaries to those countries that are not reached with the gospel of jesus christ let’s give money to thosethat have little or absolutely nothing to eat let’s give money to those that have no clean water to drink at all they have noclean water some people have to walk four hours a day just to get clean water let’s give money to those who have noclothes to wear james 1 27 says we’re to give to the orphans and the widows and let’s give the full-timemissionaries and their families i have no clue where to start how do iknow if i’m using my money wisely once more here’s some ministries that we’ve either met these peopleor we’ve met someone that knows these people and these are pretty well good ministries as far as we can tellthey’re legit and they use the money for the gospel to be spread here’s some moreum awesome missionary families missionary people so we pray wegive we encourage is number three anyone can send letters you can be inthe nursing home and you can sing cards to other people you can be in the nursing home and you can send letters to other people you canbe in bed and not be able to get out of bed you can pray and you can encourage you can make care packages forpeople pen pals with missionaries kids allow god to speak through you tothem when when i’m praying sometimes god will speak to me a word of wisdom a word of knowledge orword of prophecy to someone and i’ll write that down and i’ll usually text it to thembut allow god to speak through you and to pray through you and write out prayers often sometimes i’ll write out prayers i prayover someone because they’re being holy spirit prayer and it’s something i have no clue what that person is going through and i willget a text back or i’ll get a phone call hey you had no idea what was going on nobody knew about this but that really encouraged me becausegod knows about it and god showed you and you prayed about it and god gave me a word for this situation so allow god to speakthrough you to other people to encourage them the fourth one is gojesus said and to his disciples if any man will come after meyou have to deny yourself take up your cross and follow me for if you try to save your life you’regoing to lose it but if you lose your life for my sake you’ll find it for what is a man profitif he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul or what shall a man give in exchange forhis soul what are you given in exchange for a little bit of pleasure down here what are you given in exchange for yoursoul romans 10 13 14 saysfor whosoever shall call upon the name of the lord shall be saved that’s awesome we shouted that whoevercalls upon the name of the lord they’re going to be saved but how shall they call on him whom they’ve not believedand how should they believe in him who they’ve not even heard they haven’t even heard the name jesus and how shall they hear unless there’s apreacher sent to them to preach to them a quote by nate saint says and peoplewho do not know the lord ask why in the world we would waste our lives as missionariesthey forget that they too are expending their lives and when the bubble has burst they willhave nothing of eternal significance to show for the years they have wasted our timeour money our energy are we investing in the here and noware we vesting in things that will have eternal value and that will last forever because once we die the onlything that’s going to matter is what we invested in for eternitytraining to go how can we train and help our children train to be missionaries we must have heartsready and willing to follow god daily where he leads that means we must have a daily timewhere we’re in our secret place with him where he can speak to us and we must train our children’s hearts to be ready andwilling to follow god daily where he leads if we have follower if we teach our children to listen to our voice and toobey our voice then it’s going to be easier for them to listen to god and to obey god’s voiceeducate ourselves and our families on the needs of the world educate ourselves and our families onwhat the bible teaches never look at ourselves like we are above someone else do not have thathappy spirit that says i am better than others because as soon as you get a holy spirit god’s gonna let you falllook for needs to meet and meet those needs training to go pray and fast for theworld together as a family share how god is using you with your children share with what god is speakingto you with your children learn a new language or two learn sign language learn to work hardthat is that’s a yeah that just needs to be taught in this generation and in 2021 we need to learn to workhard go camping and hiking get out in nature learn to just be exposed to things that we’re notnormally exposed to invite people into our homes um that’s kind of hard right now ora lot of us is in quarantine or we’re not allowed being we have the social distancebut just pray about that and say god how can we show hospitality even in this hard timewatch inspiring stories uh as a family read missionary books it’s veryimportant that you read those missionary books and see how god’s using people throughout the world second timothy 2 3says thou therefore endure hardness hardness is going to come especially if you’re working for jesus but let’sendure that hardness as a good soldier he says we’re a soldier jesus christ andwe cannot we if we’re if we’re warring for jesus christ we cannot entangle ourselves with the affairs of this lifebut that we have to please him who has chosen us to be a soldier and if we strive for majesties we wewill not be crowned except we strive lawfully endure our hardness hardness is going tocome but we have to have an enduring spirit because we are a soldier he has calledus to be a soldier jesus christ and we cannot entangle ourselves with the things of this worldwe’ve got to keep our eyes on jesus keep our eyes on eternity and focus on thatpray give encourage and go luke 12 48 says for unto whomsoever muchis given of him shall much be required and to whom men have committed much of him theywill ask the more what other needsthe most may mean little to us that 15 minutes of real intercession that we can do forsomeone instead of watching that movie won’t mean much to us losing one moviein a night is not going to mean much to us but it can mean life and death to someone else that 15a month that we give to some child in another country could mean life and death to them that15 minutes of encouragement could be life and death proverbs 31 89 says open thy mouth forthe dumb in the case of all such are appointed to destruction open your mouth and judge righteouslyand plead the cause of the poor and the needy proverbs 31 20 says she stretches outher hand to the poor yea she reaches forth her hands to the needy peopleii peter 3 9 says the lord is not slack concerning his promise as some of us count slacknessbut he is long suffering towards us not willing that any should perish no one in the world perish but jesuswants all to come to repentance that’s his heart for the world all people not just our foreign no morebut jesus’s heart is for everyone and if we want the heart of jesus we’ve got to we’ve got to start caring for andloving everyone all people matthew 9 36 and jesus went about allthe cities and villages teaching in the synagogues and preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing every sickness and everydisease among the people and when he saw the multitudes he was moved with compassion on them becausethey fainted and were scattered abroad as a sheep having their shepherd then said he unto his disciples theharvest truly is plentiful but the laborers are few pray that the lord of the harvest will send forthlaborers into the harvest will you not pray god these 50nations that are not allowed to serve you will you please send laborers into themthe harvest is ready it’s ripe and these people are ready to be saved but there’s nolaborers going into these countries because we’re concerned about us and ourhealth and our safety and our comfort and our for and we’re not looking out atthe whole world like you look at the whole world and we don’t have a heart for the whole world like you dofather in the name of jesus i ask you to open our eyes to see the way you see open our ears to hear the way you seeuse our hearts to love the way you love use our hands to reach outand love people the way that you do to give to those in need use our feet to go where we need to goand our tongues to speak encouragement to those in need and knowing right here that we can hear uslearn that we know how to speak words and sees unto them that are weary fatherthank you for the blessings you’ve given us in america thank you we have a home to live and we have a toilet to usethings that we take for granted other people don’t have and though we don’t know this because we’ve not studied theworld we’ve been so consumed with our foreign know more that we haven’t looked outsideto see how others are living but god strip our hearts got through dreams and visions and throughnews articles and pitting people on our path god that we can reach the world through the gospel jesuschrist that we can save get people saved lord and on their way to heaven that they can stand with us before thethrone of god with palm branches in our hands worshiping you and praising you and giving you glory because you deserve the glory and honor and praise because you came and died for our sinsyou loved us or let us love others with the love that you loved us jesus and let us care for others and let usintercede for others in your name we pray jesus and amen



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