Dooger Rants about God, Relationship, and Pink

“Great music is written by people who are either running toward or away from God.”

Bono, lead singer of U2

Alecia Moore aka PINK was born in 1979 to a Catholic mother and Jewish father. Early in her childhood, her parents divorced. The hurt of growing up in a broken home likely contributes to her lyrics. Bono might describe her as an artist running away from God. Consider her popular song “What About Us”. She starts the song by describing us as searchlights, rockets pointed to the stars and billions of beautiful hearts. I agree with Pink’s outlook on the greatness of the human race. The maker created us with a great capability to love each other and do great things. Pink goes on to say that God sold us down the river. She states broken happy ever afters and plans that end in disaster as her reasoning. Pink, like many New Age religions, has an understanding of man’s greatness, but no understanding of his wretchedness.

My favorite mathematician (yes, I’m a geek) Pascal once said: “The true religion would have to teach greatness and wretchedness, inspire self-esteem and self-contempt, love and hate.” Pink has a good handle on the greatness of man but fails to understand man’s wretchedness. Instead, she blames God when we don’t live happily ever after and when our plans end in disaster.

Religions based on the bible explain both sides of mankind quite well. Humans do great things because we are created in the image of a God that does great things. Chapter three of the very first book explains that Adam and Eve’s disobedience brought a curse upon the Earth. The curse explains why man is capable of evil. In one line, Pink says “We were willin’, we came when you called.” I submit that we did not come when called. Instead if running toward God when He called, I submit that we ran away. Genesis 3:8-10 says that when God called Adam and Eve, they hid from Him. Had they not run from God, perhaps things would be different today. If Pink would start running toward God, maybe she would have a different outlook on life as well.

Pink goes on to say “We are children that need to be loved”, and she asks God about all the times He said He had the answer. Fortunately for us, our Creator loves us greatly. The Bible answers the problem that was created when Adam and Eve ran away from God. Read John 3:16. God loves mankind so much, and so desires a relationship with us, that He sent His son Jesus to Earth in order to redeem us back to Himself. If we accept His plan of redemption our happily ever after will last for eternity.

What does Pink mean in the last verse when she says “It’s the start of us, waking up, come on Are you ready?” The line “I don’t want control, I want to let go” may hint that she is ready to turn control of her life over to Jesus and re-establish her relationship with God. Proverbs 3:5-6 tells us to Trust in God and submit to him, and He will guide our lives. If we submit and run back ti Him, he will restore the relationship like Adam and Eve had in the Garden before their disobedience.

Could it be that Pink starts the song running away from God, but then turns and starts running toward Him? The “What about Us” at the start of the song is clearly asking about all of the human race, but “What About Us” at the end may be asking about her own relationship with God. Pink may not reveal the true meaning to these lyrics, but this is a question worth asking. What about your own relationship with The Almighty? Are you running toward or away from God?

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